The following is a rough draft of the full route with planned stopping / charging points. The location of our stops will most likely change as we grow accustomed to the vehicle range and encounter variance in the terrain. Therefore, at this point, it is difficult to give an estimate of when we will arrive at each stop. We know that some of our followers would like to meet us (more truthfully, to see the car!) along the way and we would love to make that happen. If you see your town listed as a stopover, please let us know and we will also do our best to keep updating our progress via the blog and twitter.

Destinations within parentheses are TBD depending upon the battery’s charge state and actual details filled in where known.

  1. Start @ San Francisco, CA: Departed 7am, 9/13
  2. Auburn, CA: Clipper Creek, Inc.: Arrived 9:42am, Departed 12:07pm, 9/13
  3. Fernley, NV: Fernley RV Park: Arrived 2:49pm, Departed:8:30pm 9/13
  4. Winnemucca, NV: Winnemucca RV Park: Arrived 11:00pm, Departed 5:05am 9/14
  5. Elko, NV: Iron Horse RV Resort: Arrived 7:31am, Departed: 12:51pm 9/14
  6. Wendover, NV: Wendover KOA – Skipped
  7. Salt Lake City, Utah: Hilton SLC: Arrived 6:09PM (MST) 9/14, Departed 6:50am 9/15
  8. Rock Springs, WY: Rock Springs KOA: Arrived 10:30am 9/15
  9. Laramie, WY: Laramie KOA: Arrived 7:27pm 9/15, Departed: 2:59am 9/16
  10. Cheyenne, WY: Cheyenne KOA – Skipped
  11. Ogallala, NE: Open Corral Campground: Arrived 6:56am, Departed 3:25pm 9/16
  12. Doniphan, NE: Mormon Island Recreation Area – Skipped
  13. Lincoln, NE: Private Residence: Arrived 9:47pm (CST) 9/16, Departed 8:30am 9/17
  14. Shelby, IA: Shelby Country Inn & RV Park – Skipped
  15. Des Moines, IA: Des Moines West KOA: Arrived 11:42am, Departed 5:10pm 9/17
  16. Davenport, IA: Rock Springs / Quad City KOA: Arrived 9:18pm 9/17, Departed 6:30am 9/18
  17. Chicago, IL: Tesla Service Center: Arrived 11:25am 9/18, Departed 7:25am 9/19
  18. Middlebury, IN: Middlebury KOA: Arrived 10:48am (EST), Departed 2:12pm 9/19
  19. Sandusky, OH: Sandusky KOA: Arrived 5:35pm, Departed
  20. Pittsburgh, PA: Madison / Pittsburgh KOA
  21. Hagerstown, MD: Jellystone RV Park (Williamsport)
  22. Washington, DC: Tesla Store

7 thoughts on “Route

    • Robert, check out the Datalog page. I’ve linked to a Google Doc in which we’re storing all the info we collect. It should have what you’re looking for. We’ll try to update it when we can.


  1. Congrats on being the first to go XC in a Model S!

    What infrastructure do you think is needed so that you don’t have to drive in the middle of the night or whenever the car is ready?
    Superchargers? (and where, middle of nowhere or in major cities)
    Hotels with reservable charging?
    Lots and lots of 30A J1772 at every restaurant and store and parking spot?


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