About Us

Here’s a little more about the characters in this story.

Tesla Model S Vin #38

Delivered on September 7, 2012, #38 is a Signature Performance Model S with the following options: Tesla Multi-Coat Signature Red, All Glass Panoramic Roof, 21″ Grey Wheels + High Performance Tires, Black Napa Leather with Alcantara Accents, Lacewood Decor Accents, and Paint Armor.


Native of Maryland and proud owner of a Tesla Roadster #127 and Model S #38. Bill, is an entrepreneur and philanthropist who in his spare time spreads awareness and enthusiasm about the viability of EVs. Bill will be in DC eagerly awaiting the successful arrival of #38!


Co-driver on the XC Model S Trip, Steve is an engineer, avid car enthusiast, and Bill’s son. He previously worked in the automotive industry for 2 of the 3 top German manufacturers and currently runs an energy efficiency firm in SoCal.


Co-driver on the XC Model S Trip, Jesse is an engineer, avid car enthusiast, and married to Steve. She previously worked in the automotive industry for 1 of the top 3 American manufacturers and currently runs a capacity building nonprofit in SoCal.

We’d love to hear from you as we take a cross country trip in one of the most exciting electric cars of our time!

Shoot us a line at: XCTeslatrip@gmail.com
Or follow us on Twitter: @XCTeslatrip


8 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Yeah! You go guys! As a reservation holder waiting for my car to arrive, I am thrilled to hear you two are doing this! Keep us posted!

  2. Bon Voyage! Be sure to tell us any problems with recharging….how many miles do you plan between charges…how long it takes…the costs…how did you find the recharging stations…any unusual waiting times…and do you have any Plan B in case of total loss of power. Also, any tire problems, specifically with no spare.

    • Hi Willard,

      Thanks for writing! We will be sure to share all the info we can about charging as we go: range, problems, costs, etc… First problem: we plugged in at the hotel here last night, with a supposedly 35A charger, and the car is showing that we’re only getting 17A. One of our goals today is to figure out whether it’s the charger or the car. Stay tuned for results.

  3. I am considering a similar cross-country trip except my reservation is above 10,000 so I anticipate many more charging stations by then and hopefully I and others will learn from your experiences.

  4. Wow! I’d love to be part of that experience in my new S!!
    Live in the western burbs of Philly. Hope to see you in Hagerstown, Md, where my brother lives. I am P#1117 with a current date of November. Can’t wait.

  5. Thanks for all the photos and details! What a great trip!
    I’m expecting my Model-S in November (P-237) and thinking of taking delivery from the factory and driving it home to Culver City. I’ll be paying attention to your blog to try and help with my trip planning.

  6. Thanks for your card. Am dealing with ‘Tess’ my not so original name, for my SD 75.
    Having two chargers at home & no dryer for laundry, (story…..)
    I would like to know if Tesla3 is actually coming or a mirage.
    Also, hoping power wall can make a laundry dryer powerful.
    Question, when she is home, should Tess be battery connected ?
    Regarding distance, am doing Philly to DC ;
    & Baltimore weekly…..now.
    Am preparing to trip it to FL…
    Thanks for info..

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