Final Thoughts: On Tesla Service

I have never had such a positive service experience when owning any other brand of car.  With the minor things that did go wrong with the car, and even with general feedback, Tesla Service folks in Fremont, Chicago, and Washington DC, provided nothing but the best possible level of service.  Their prompt responses to our service calls, genuine interest in our feedback on the car, and overall commitment to excellence bodes well for the necessary scale-up that Tesla will have to do to support and service the Model S vehicles and beyond.

I’m really looking forward to remaining engaged with the service folks and seeing what types of over-the-air updates they’re able to roll out with both the feedback from our trip and other Tesla owners.


One thought on “Final Thoughts: On Tesla Service

  1. I have a wonderful experience of Tesla customer services. They give you prompt feedback related to ant queries and provide customer implied specifications as well.

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