Final Thoughts: On Range Anxiety

Let’s be honest, to those of us who’ve never driven EVs, range anxiety is a real thing.  Like other things in this car, it takes some getting used to. I’m not a psychologist or sociologist, but I think most humans have a preservation instinct that kicks in when there’s uncertainty surrounding whether or not they’ll reach their intended destination or be stranded somewhere unknown.   On the night that I pulled into the campsite with 9 miles of charge left, I was about to crap my pants.  I’ve never driven so gingerly in my life.  But now I know that the car will still function at 9 miles, my range anxiety threshold has been lowered.  I’ve also talked with long time EV owners, who have been below this range, and know what happens when you run below this, or when you run out of charge, and it seems like they’ve all lived to tell about it.  It’s something that’s going to take some getting used to, but certainly not a deal breaker when it comes to the decision on whether or not to purchase an EV.

And as a side effect of range anxiety, I found myself paying more attention to the road, to the trip at hand to ensure that I did have the mileage left in the batteries to make it to the destination.  Based on the projected and rated range, I was able to drive slower and more conservatively to adjust the range to meet the target.  I also find that because of all the data available, I’m more aware of how to conserve ‘fuel’ and will attempt to take many of these lessons back to driving my internal combustion car.


One thought on “Final Thoughts: On Range Anxiety

  1. I’ve had range anxiety in my ICE car (and ran out of fuel) as I’m sure many people have experienced. With electrical power at every home and business, I personally tend to feel safer, (maybe wrongly) assuming that the time to refill and deadlines are not in the equation.
    At least weather does not come into play as it does for those people getting from A to B in private aircraft.
    It all takes a bit more planning on long trips for now.
    What would you estimate is the % loss in range driving 55 mph vs 65 mph?

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