At Tesla Motors DC

Still a lot of sandwiches to eat! Come join us at Tesla Motors in Washington DC until 5pm today. They’ve got a brown one in the showroom too.


19 thoughts on “At Tesla Motors DC

  1. Congratulations on successful completion of the journey. You really made it look easy. This should encourage all that we really don’t require petroleum to meet our transportation needs!
    What is your assessment of how it would have gone with a proper infrastructure? How many
    Tesla Superchargers would you have needed and how long would it have taken with them?

  2. Enjoyed meeting you at the DC store today. Thanks so much for taking the time to speak with all of us and especially for allowing me into your car!! Enjoy,

  3. Already arrived? this was too short… did you really do it with an electric car ??? 8 days is almost as well as ICE car !!!

    Tesla model S is great, and we thank you very much to demonstrate it and share it through your blog ! It was a pleasure to read it… I’m just a little disappointed that you didn’t try the 400 Miles after Laramie by driving slowly.

    Enjoy your model S, still a few weeks to wait for me.

  4. Thanks so much for sharing your trip! Your experience not only confirmed that I made the right decision to put a deposit down on the Model S, but it makes waiting for my own Model S a little more bearable.

  5. When I first saw your of your adventure, I thought, ohhhh, risky. But apparently not so much! Now thinking of doing roughly the same thing when my number comes up (9937), instead of having it trucked to me. It’s been great fun following & learning from you! Best. -Jim P

  6. I’m glad I stopped by the DC Store today and got to meet you guys. Thanks for sharing your story. I’m going to go back and read your posts verrrrry slowwwly as I wait for my Model S to be be built 🙂

  7. Sorry I couldn’t make it today, but it’s been great following along via this blog–thanks for doing it (the trip AND the blog)!

  8. I will miss reading your daily updates, they were great. Everyday since you began your trip iI really looked forward to your postings. Congrats on a successful journey.

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