EV Terminology: Chargesitting

chargesit: verb – to keep a vigilant watch on your EV as it charges to ensure that there are no charging problems.

other forms: chargesitting, chargesat

Used in a sentence: We weren’t able to make it to Hagerstown on time because we slept in a cabin instead of chargesitting the car.  The breaker tripped after only 30kWh and we needed 65 to make it there.

or: I sure can’t wait until the ‘My Tesla’ app is released for my smartphone, as it will make chargesitting a thing of the past.


7 thoughts on “EV Terminology: Chargesitting

  1. New words added to Mirriam-Webster this year were man cave, sexting, game changer, gastropub, mashup, bucket list and underwater. I will look for ‘charge sit’ in 2016 and hopefully you’ll get the credit. 🙂

  2. I was hoping that was a obsolete definition that didn’t have to be defined. I’ve had this problem many times charging the Tesla Roadster at RV parks. That smartphone app should put ‘charge sit’ in the same obsolete category as ‘sitting by the phone’.

    • Earl,

      Thats good to know. We were feeling pretty bad about blowing breakers, but it’s nice to know that it’s a common occurrence at RV parks. Here’s to that term becoming obsolete before it ever catches on.

  3. Sounds like a simple software upgrade that Tesla to push out to all cars: Sound an alert tone inside the car and also send a text message to cell phone if charging is terminated before 80% without unplugging.

  4. I blew an outside 120v/12a with the Roadster on vacation at a time share by learning the hard way that this outlet was shared with the bathroom (hairdryer). 🙂 Didn’t realize it until many hours later.

  5. The Chevy Volt’s ability to send me a text message when the charging is interrupted has saved me a few times. Even more useful is the message it sends me if it’s 11pm and it’s not plugged in. Plenty of times over the past two years I’ve forgotten to plug it in when arriving at home, usually due to my arrival being momentarily disrupted for some reason (e.g. a distraction in the driveway as I get out of the car).

    But the remote “start” via the smartphone app is definitely the killer feature. I haven’t climbed into an uncomfortable car since December 2010 🙂

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