Day 8: Final push

Day 8 began in a fairly disappointing manner.  Jesse woke around 10:30 and went to check on the car to find that it had only accumulated 110 miles (plus the 9 we had left over) over night before the breaker blew.  This put us behind our intended schedule for the day, but actually ended up working out for the better.  While the car continued it’s standard charge up to the 250 mile range, we took advantage of another beautiful day to catch up on emails, find some coffee (KOA Madison has a Keurig in the camp store).

From Madison, we headed towards Hagerstown, MD to show the car to some friends there.  We checked into the Jellystone RV Park in Williamsport, MD and had a very interesting discussion there with the staff about the possibility of offering different rates to EV owners who are just looking to stop and charge for the day.

While their current policies didn’t allow for anything other than paying for a full reservation of a site, they at least said they’d look into this further.  Further discussion with the owner of the park said that EV owners have also made a blip on the RV Park Owners Association of America (or something like that) and they’re currently deciding how best to accommodate EV owners in the future.  If anyone knows of this type of governing organization, it might be worth reaching out to them to see if we can’t help them gather facts to make an informed decision.  In my opinion, RV parks have a crucial role to play in making EV travel a reality in the short to mid-term future.

Our friends met us at the RV park and brought a picnic dinner to share while we waited to accumulate enough mileage to make it to the final destination for the evening, northern MD.

Tomorrow is a big day, with two events: a showing at the Maryland Science Center in Baltimore, at 9am, followed by the Tesla Showroom Event starting at 1 tomorrow in DC.  Hope to see some of you there!

Goodnight, for now: Steve




9 thoughts on “Day 8: Final push

  1. I haven’t been encouraging RV park owners to get too excited about EVs since I see RV parks as being just a temporary solution to roadtrip charging. Once a Fast Charger is available, nobody is going to stop at an RV park anymore. We saw that in Barstow, CA where we used to use the 40-amp charging at the KOA campground ( to get to Las Vegas. When a 70 Amp charging station opened up at a restaurant complex downtown (, everyone started using it and the RV park is just a backup now. I suspect it hasn’t been used at all since the 70 Amp station was put in.
    Since I suspect there will be a Tesla Supercharger installed in Barstow, the RV park will probably never see a Model S.
    I’m glad the RV park owner didn’t invest a lot of money installing a dedicated EV charging station as he was considering or he’d have been disappointed.

  2. Hi Jess & Steve,

    Welcome home!
    Many congrats for your great trip, we really enjoyed following your blog from Europe. Lovely pictures…
    Have a great well deserved party (thank you Tesla!, won’t be able to make it unfortunately) and lots of additional fun mileage on the model S!


    EU – P308
    “Passion and Patience”

  3. Forgot to ask earlier. Any issues with the maps and nav on the 3G? Basically did you lose coverage or have poor coverage anywhere on the trip and have issues with either?

    Thanks. And congrats on the trip!

    • Hi Mark,

      As with all mobile devices, there were some dead zones with the 3G that made the main map in the 17″ screen not able to load correctly. However, the Nav screen in the dash was always able to function, regardless of the 3G connectivity.

      • Thanks. So does the map disappear on the 17″ screen when you lose the 3 g? And by Nav screen on dash- is that the one by the speedometer? From what I have been reading that is navigon, and the 17″screen is google maps. So I guess the navigon Info must be stored somewhere while the google maps must always be downloaded.

      • The 17″ screen maps don’t disappear completely, but it doesn’t load new info until 3G is restored. The Nav in the instrument panel (IP) is the one next to the speedometer.

  4. I am not to optimistic about RV plugs. I’ve been asking around MO as I travel to different places planning stops for when I get my Model S. Many of the RV stops feel they deserve the full cost as if you are staying all night even if you are just charging for an hour or two. I spoke with my inlaws who camp ground host and the Rangers have been informing them to charge full price for day use of the plug. ($20-$30) It is more expensive is you just need a 100 mile charge than to just drive an ICE.
    The resort I stayed at in Branson, MO and the other I asked around at were more than happy to let people use the 14-50 at the boat docks if they were staying the night.
    If you are getting a full charge it is worth the price.

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