Day 7: No Sleep till Brooklyn (or Pittsburgh)

We left Chicago early morning, determined to make it to the South side of Pittsburgh by the end of the day.  To make it this distance, we had to pull off two charges during the day.

The day started off well with Eric from Tesla Chicago picking us up with a freshly washed and charged car.

We then dropped him off back at the Tesla dealer and hit the road.

Charge stop #1 was in Elkhart, IN, where we stopped at the local KOA and charged up to standard mode.  Because we started off in range mode, it was only a couple hours until full and we were off again.

Next stop was in Sandusky, OH, where we stopped at another KOA and replenished the charge we used from there.  Due to charging infrastructure problems, we were there for longer than we liked, but finally left at 12:30am for a midnight run to our final destination, a KOA in Madison, PA.  We rolled in just after 4:30am, plugged in immediately, and crashed like a beaten sack of potatoes.

Interesting to note that I did find the mileage at which the battery indicator turns red (13 miles).  Not intentionally, we rolled into Madison KOA with 9 miles left and maybe I have range anxiety to thank for keeping me awake on the drive.


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