Tesla DC Arrival Party

Hello everyone,

We wanted to give everyone advance notice about our arrival into DC and invite you to join us in celebrating the completion of our road trip from Fremont, CA to Washington, DC. Bill, Jesse and I (Steve) will be there to show you the car, discuss what it’s like to cross the country in a Model S, and share stories from our trip. Tesla’s been nice enough to host an arrival party at their DC showroom and even arrange for some light refreshments. Here are the deets:

When: Friday, September 21st, 1-5pm
Where: Tesla Showroom, Washington, DC. 1050 K Street Northwest #101, Washington‎ DC‎ 20001

While walk-ins are absolutely welcome, if you know you’ll be able to attend, shoot us a quick email and let us know you’re coming, so we can do a bit of planning.

Hope to see you there!


4 thoughts on “Tesla DC Arrival Party

  1. Hey Guys, great job. You are true pioneers!

    I’ll be particularly interested in hearing about your driving and charging experience between Chicago and DC. I too live in DC (or just outside actually) and have a son in Chicago. I’m thinking how cool it would be to do a father-son trip. He’s in IT security and is as anxious to ride in a Model S and I am to own one. Father and son tearing down the road throwing off kilowatts. Watch out!


  2. Right on. This really is an (understated) but epic trip. Helping the cause and no doubt making a lifetime memory for you and Jesse. Thank you. 🙂

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