Day 6: Tesla Motors Service Center Chicago

After we checked into our hotel in Chicago, we brought the car over to the Tesla Service Center on West Grand Avenue.  Eric Bendler met us there and spent 2 hours with us going over the car, our impressions of the first 2000+ miles and taking our comments on the car.


Our suggestions, which Eric eagerly wrote down and sent immediately to Tesla for feedback, were minor in nature and would make a great car, even better.  We are really excited to be part of the early production field test and appreciate the time that Tesla took to listen to our feedback.  And because the car is essentially one giant smartphone on wheels, 95% of the suggestions can be incorporated into software changes and immediately rolled out to the production vehicles in the field.


After we were done there, Eric took the car and got it washed (THANKS!) and fully charged it over night.  The car he returned to us in the morning looks a lot more like the car we picked up in Fremont 1.5 weeks ago.

The level of service that Tesla has shown along our trip has been second to none.  Their attentiveness, professionalism and commitment to excellence and to solving problems has been effective and immediate.  Those of you who are purchasing these cars are in good hands when/if you need to have your Model S serviced!


2 thoughts on “Day 6: Tesla Motors Service Center Chicago

  1. It was a bit of surprise when I saw the pictures here. I was suddenly reminded of how, a couple years ago, I was obsessively following the progress on the construction and opening of the Chicago store. I don’t even remember why (I’m very far away in Atlanta) — perhaps it was the first store outside of CA or something. But I definitely recognize that storefront from many days of checking it out on Google Street View 🙂

  2. Some little car service centre’s are giving good services to us and others are providing services it’s no doubt, but maximum times they are changes some parts. I hope this service centre is counting in good centres so their traffic will definitely increase.

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