Day 6: Chi-Town

Starting at the border between Iowa and Illinois, we woke up early and headed east (is there any other direction at this point?) to Chicago.

Mostly flat and straight roads, as we neared Chicago, we got a chance to drive the car in traffic, where it performed admirably, but we were reminded that it’s a big car.  When you’re around nothing but 18 wheelers, you don’t really realize your size, but when you pull up next to a Malibu, 3 Series, or 60% of the cars out there today, you realize exactly the size of this car.  It’s not boaty at all, just a large car.

Today was a short day for distance traveled, as it was only about 180 miles, but this left us some time to visit the Tesla Service Center in Chicago (more on this in subsequent posts) and have a real night’s sleep.

We got a chance to also visit our favorite outdoor store, Moosejaw.  The staff there is super friendly and knowledgeable, and even when we’re not necessarily looking for anything, we usually end up with another t-shirt.

Nice enough to come out and say hi was blog follower Todd from the greater Chicago Area.  He’s also got a Model S on order (and just came from a test drive at the Oakbrook Retail Store, and we enjoyed talking about the car, sharing some beers and stuffed Chicago style pizza, and having some very deep discussions about life.

At this point, we’re feeling confident with our ability to make Washington DC on Friday.  Watch the blog for more details about where we’ll be and when.  We hope that many of you can meet up with us and help us celebrate a successful crossing.


6 thoughts on “Day 6: Chi-Town

    • Hi John,

      Despite my initial thoughts about how the seats looked (very flat), both my wife and I have found them very comfortable over the 2-300 mile stints we’ve been driving. They’re not quite as narrow as we’d like them (we both have skinny asses) but they’re certainly comfortable enough, and I think with them on the wider side, they’ll accomodate a large range of rear end sizes.

      They also have great lumbar support for your back which also helps ease the strain of longer road trips. And with the Signature seats, there’s alcantara on the side bolsters to keep you firmly planted. (this also tends to attract dirt and crumbs, but hopefully, people don’t eat in the car as much as we have been…)

      Seats, however, are such a personal thing that you’ll have to try them. Just because they work for me, doesn’t mean they’ll work for everyone.

  1. Can you comment on the parcel shelf? Build quality and handling? Is it an annoyance, or does it move out of the way easily enough?

    • Volker,

      The parcel shelf actually works quite well. It’s not quite sturdy enough to put luggage on it, but it holds lighter items as you pull them out of the trunk, like the mobile charge adapter. It slides in and out easy enough, stays in place, doesn’t block your view when you drive with it folded up.

      I’ve used bad or bulky parcel shelves before in other hatchbacks, and I like this one very much.


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