Chicago Bound

We will be arriving in Chicago tomorrow morning and dropping the car off at the Tesla Service Center. If anyone wants to meet up and see the car late afternoon, drop us a note at and we’ll keep you in the loop on the details.


4 thoughts on “Chicago Bound

  1. Wow. That’s quick progress from California to Chicago. I wouldn’t have wanted to cover that many miles much quicker with an oil burner. Thanks for the really interesting blog and all of the additional information.

  2. I just posted this to a response that was doubting that a friend who made the choice to change from an Audi R8 to a Tesla S. Did some calculations based on the datalog and thought it was fun to share, enjoy:

    I would never turn in an R8. They are in Lincoln Nebraska now and only have used 536 kWh over 1810 miles. That is about $59 (US at $0.11 per kWh out of a typical house outlet). If I would do that with my Audi (only an A4 😦 ) which on the highway gets 31 mpg = 58.3 gallon which is a total cost of $241.13 (at $4.13 per gallon her in PA at the pump). And that is only the money aspect. Assuming(!) that it is smart to reduce CO2 emissions, stated in a way for those among us that might have doubts. The CO2 production with my Audi would have been 391 g/mi or 707.7 kg. The CO2 emmission to generate 536 kWh (in average this is depending on how it is generated) is (~900 g/kWh for coal, 430 g/kWh, 6 g/kWh for nuclear, our kids just have to deal with the waste and damaged plants due to natural disasters, so lets go for gas as an average) 230,5 kg. Seems there are some benefits to at least keep the R8 for showing off on the driveway and an occasional thril drive (maybe also on the driveway considering the buying power one need to afford an R8) and have one of these electrical toys for the shopping and commuting.

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