Day 3 Pictures: Through to Laramie

Leaving Salt Lake City at 7am, we stopped for coffee and headed up into the Wasatch Mountains.  Shortly thereafter, traffic slowed to a stop, and it looked like there was a massive landslide in progress.


Luckily, this was planned blasting from construction/mining that was going on in the area and we were shortly on our way.  At elevation, it was cold ~40F, and signs of fall were in the air, with the trees changing.  Living in CA for close to 4 years now, I tend to forget about the seasonal changes and am always delighted by the reminder.


Crossing into Wyoming, shortly thereafter, we finally got a picture of the state sign along the highway:

But in Wyoming, they like to drive a bit faster, and we had one particular gentleman not too happy with our choice to drive a battery saving 62mph.

The backup camera (which you can call up on the screen at any time) allows you to document the aggressive nature of tailgaters.  Mind you, I’m not advocating for you to take a photo of the backup camera screen while driving.  Just like the great features available on the touch screen, be smart about operating them while driving.

One of the things we’ve been noticing on the trip is how many people go flying past us, only to repass us again as we’re able to stay on the road while they fill up.  Turtle and the hare scenario, I guess. Gas stations still come in handy though, for a caffeinated drink or a bathroom break.

Another interesting note, on the way into Laramie, we ran the battery down to below 50 miles of range, at which point, the battery indicator turns yellow.  Wonder when it will turn red (I hope to be at or near a charging point at that point).




6 thoughts on “Day 3 Pictures: Through to Laramie

  1. Hopefully, in a few years, there will be Tesla superchargers lined up along the major traffic arteries of our country. This will mean one can drive at the speed limit (70 – 80 mph) without reducing the time it takes to reach ones destination and without annoying other drivers on the road trying to get around you. Today, per my calculations, using 50 amp (40 actually drawn or 9 kW) RV outlets, the optimal speed is around 50 mph. Supercharging at 90 kW or so, the optimal speed is as fast as you can drive (up to around 120 mph), and is not affected by charging speed.

  2. I understand from another poster on the forum that when the battery indicator turns yellow, the max battery output is also limited (i.e. acceleration is limited to preserve what’s left in the battery and attempt to extend range. When it turns red, there is further reduction in acceleration and battery output. I don’t recall the metrics though. You can read about it in the thread “Lessons Learned”, IIRC.

  3. I’m also curious whether you’ve seen any Tesla Supercharge sites. If TM is about to announce this month, I’d expect that there would be a few in the works already (maybe I’m hoping this is the case).

    • Supply and Demand,
      I suspect that if enough people start taking advantage of RV parks on the E – W routes, someone will start putting in Superchargers.

  4. If they just put them on 1-80 east west that would be a big thing, They don’t even need them everywhere, but, 1or 2 in Montana, Nebraska and Kansas would do a lot. Those are just big old empty states and being able to bullet through at 80 MPH would do a lot for owner enjoyment.

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