Charge Stop 7: Laramie KOA

To charge in Laramie, we stopped at the KOA right off the highway (aren’t they all?), and treated ourselves to the “EV Special.” (my name, not theirs, so don’t go asking for the EV special, they’ll look at you funny) $60/night for a small but clean cabin and a 50A plug.  Very reasonable.


Wanting to get a jump on the next day, we went to bed around 9:30pm and awoke at 2:30am to hit the road by 3.


Interesting point brought up by some of the more interested staff at the KOA.  They inquired whether the car had wheel locks.  It hadn’t crossed my mind before this, but this seems like an important accessory that Tesla should offer, as 21″ wheels aren’t exactly discrete, and are a hot commodity in certain parts.


9 thoughts on “Charge Stop 7: Laramie KOA

  1. Haha. I’m going to every KOA and asking for the EV special now. I’ll tell them Steve and Jesse sent me. But seriously, KOA, as a large chain of campgrounds should program an EV rate with and without cabin in their pricing systems.

    • David,
      You’d think so, right? Early on I wrote KOA to ask about such a thing and they let me know that each camp ground was independently owned and operated, so a rates/packages are set by the individual owners. We hope that what we’re doing starts a trend so that they see there’s a viable demand for the EV special.

  2. Are you generally surprised when you arrive at a given location that they have charging or are you verifying ahead of time? I’ve camped at several KOA’s where we’ve had free access to 14-50’s but never used them. I wonder if they charge extra for an EV to use the access?

    Also, thanks again for allowing us to follow you on this great journey! Very exciting!

  3. The Tesla Roadster does have one wheel lug that requires a special tool to remove. This is sort of a wheel lock. You might want to check the operator’s manual to verify if you need this tool as well in case you get a flat. It is in the small tool kit that comes with the Roadster. Not being based on a British car, the Model S may not have come with such a tool kit so I don’t know where they might have hidden such a tool.
    Since you will be entering Nebraska soon, remember that if you get off the Interstate in western Nebraska, the tradition is to wave to each car as you pass them on 2-lane highways and roads 🙂 Nothing dramatic is necessary, just raising a couple of fingers from the wheel is fine.

  4. Wheel locks are really just lug nuts that require a specifically cut socket to operate. You don’t have to wait for Tesla to sell them; any wheel/tire store should be able to sell you a set. Just remember to keep the “key” someplace in the car incase you need to remove the wheel for some reason.

  5. When will you guys be in Chicago? Feel free to let us know if you plan on staying for a charge or overnight – some of us local EV guys would like to see the car and say hi!

    • Hi Todd,

      We’re planning on being in Chicago on Tuesday (tomorrow). We have a service appointment at Tesla Service Center at 11am, then we’re spending the rest of the day and evening in town, departing Wednesday morning. Let us know a general time when you’re available and we’ll make more concrete plans.


      • Hi Steve, Bill and Jesse –

        Please send me an email when you get a chance. I will be available later afternoon (have a client meeting tomorrow). I think you have my email addy, through the blog host correct?


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