Charge Stop 6: KOA, Rock Springs, WY

After heading out of the Wasatch mountains east of Salt Lake City, we drove ~180 miles to the KOA campground in Rock Springs, WY.  Surrounded by mountains, we were able to get a standard 80% charge, do some laundry, replace the ice in our frunk cooler and use their free wi-fi to update the blog, skype with family, etc.   They charged us $10 for the electricity used during our 5 hour stay.  Awesome!

Rock Springs, WY has to be one of the driest places I’ve ever been.  We hung some laundry out and within a half hour, it was bone dry.


4 thoughts on “Charge Stop 6: KOA, Rock Springs, WY

  1. I’m curious if you’re getting any reactions from staff or patrons of the RV parks — the Model S is *so* startlingly different from everything else in the park!

    • Robert,
      The short answer is yes, there’s been a good amount of interest because people are attracted to a good looking car, not necessarily because they know what it is. At night especially the front headlights get people’s attention. Then once you show them the car, I still get great joy from the shock on their faces when you open the Frunk to find our cooler and not an engine.


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