Detailed Interior Photos

For all of you who have been clamoring for interior photos of the car, here are a bunch of them.  Please excuse our stuff in the car, but I left it in there for perspective as to how much the Model S holds.  Hopefully the pictures capture the essence of the interior fit and finish, it’s reel purdy:


15 thoughts on “Detailed Interior Photos

  1. Which is more efficient in controlling the power consumption the cruise control or yourself, and is your answer different depending on the terrain? I guess there was not time to stop at the BSF for a flying mile top speed test.

  2. Great photos! How’s the adult in the back seat liking it back there? Our Model S is slated to arrive in a few weeks. We’re in the northeast and dreamed about taking delivery in CA but it’s impossible for us. Thanks for doing it and sharing!

  3. Thanks for the photos. I noticed on one of your earlier posts, that the screen had quite a few fingerprint smudge marks on it. Has that been an issue with seeing the screen? And what does tesla recommend cleaning or wiping the screen with?
    # 2982 hopefully in my garage in December.

    • Mark,
      Although the fingerprints are aesthetically annoying they do not inhibit to see the info on the screen. We have used a microfiber cloth (like you use for sunglasses) and it cleans up nicely. As a side note, we were happy to confirm that the screen is oriented to accommodate polarized lenses.

  4. Thanks for the photos. How does the car work as far as getting in, starting a song on the radio (or from your phone) and then say that you realize you need to get out to put something in the trunk or frunk (or fasten a child into a child seat in the back.) Does the radio and everything turn off when you get out of the driver’s seat? Also, how does the adjustable suspension work for going up steep driveways or speed bumps or getting out next to a high curb?

    • And speaking of getting out of drivers seat. Can someone be in passenger seat while the driver gets out and still have the AC and radio still working? Thanks for the updates!!

      • Hi Mark – See my previous post to gjamrok, but yes, this is possible. Even if the driver gets out and the screen goes off, the passenger can start things up again to listen to the radio, operate the HVAC, etc.

        Where this wouldn’t work so well is in hot or cold climates, where you get into your car to warm it up or cool it off, then leave the car while it tries to heat/cool. However, I believe that with the My Tesla app coming soon, that you’ll be able to start the HVAC in the car without ever having to get in the car. There’s apparently someone already doing this with Volts, Leafs, & Roadsters though a sensor that plugs into the OBDII port and it’s soon to be on the Model S, officially sanctioned by Tesla.

      • The Chevy Volt has both A) a command that can be sent from the smartphone app (from anywhere on the planet) and B) a button on the keyfob (from within 100 feet or so of the car) to start the HVAC going. It’s been like this since the very first Volt deliveries of Dec 2010 (I have one). Just FYI, there’s no OBD2 hack involved, it’s polished product 🙂 I was recently surprised to hear that the Nissan Leaf doesn’t have this feature, and I guess the Tesla Model S doesn’t either. Score one for GM 🙂

    • You’re correct. When you get in, start a media source, then get out, the screen and stereo shut off. However, if there’s a passenger in the seat, they can touch the screen and things immediately resume where you left off and then they don’t turn off until the passenger gets out and the car is locked.

      The adjustable suspension operates very easily with the touch of a button on the touch screen under the “Controls” Screen and “Driving Sub Menu” It’s quick to react when you need to go into Monster Truck mode, and then automatically goes back to standard or low heights when you get up to speed again. I’ve used it quite a bit getting in and out of driveways and on campground gravel roads.

      • Interesting. I wonder if that will bug me. I frequently have “driveway moments” where I leave the radio on while I’m unloading stuff or dealing with the kids. There seem to be a number of creature comfort questions like this that only time will tell if Tesla is getting it right. I’m betting on software updates.

        Thanks again for documenting your drive and answering questions. You must have just about the most real-world Model S experience of anyone by now.

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