Day 2 Pictures: On to Salt Lake City

From Elko, NV, we picked up a full charge of 295 miles, and headed 228 miles into Salt Lake City.  Unsure of how a quick climb up to Pequop Summit (6967 ft) and then down would affect range, we didn’t leave anything to chance.

I kept the speed to 55 (or less when fortunately stuck behind a slower truck) and headed up the pass.  With the cruise doing a great job of moderating the speed and the A/C on, set to 75F, we crested the summit with this energy profile, and (if I recall correctly) 221 miles of range left:

The rest is all down hill, as they say, so we kept the cruise set at 55mph, to take full advantage of the regen, and began a long descent down to the salt flats.

Once you drop down from Pequop Summit, through Wendover, NV, it’s a pretty flat, straight shot to Salt Lake City.  I set the cruise at 62 and we ended up at our destination with 58 miles left, after traveling 228 miles.  Even with the climb, that puts the total range at 286, with an extended range charge.  Not too shabby.

Some more pictures of the Salt Flats:


2 thoughts on “Day 2 Pictures: On to Salt Lake City

  1. Your energy consumption graphs and elevation plots are going to get very boring after today. Once you get past the mountains of western WY, you’ll be in the flat, as will your energy consumption.
    Good luck on the trip. I’m glad to hear the SLC Hilton turned out ok for you. A friend of mine arranged to get that outlet set up several years ago. It cost Hilton very little, got them some green cred, and has been a great help to EV drivers.

  2. Any self-respecting electric car, yes, even including the quasi-electric wannabees, carries at least 3 road bikes on the roof across the Great Salt Flat and still averages 65mph. Clearly more exploration and testing must be performed before I let this one pass…

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