Charge Stop 5: Salt Lake City Center Hilton

Thanks to a tip from a fellow EV enthusiast and Roadster owner, we were made aware of the fact that the City Center Hilton in Salt Lake City has installed a NEMA 14-50 plug in their valet parking area.  Unfortunately, it’d been so long since any EV owners showed up there to plug in that none of the Valets or the Head of Hospitality knew where the outlet was on our arrival.  Not to worry, they were more than helpful in finding out where the outlet was..  And unlike a public charging station with questionable amperage, we were able to draw the full 202V and 40A from the plug, giving us a full (303mi!) charge by the morning.

For the future, when all you EV owners go to the SLC Hilton to plug in, let me give you some specific instructions and a picture as to where the outlet is.  Ride the parking garage elevator to P1, exit the elevator, go through the glass doors and look in the 11:00 direction. In Valet spot (#19?) right next to the pillar , there is a NEMA 14-50 plug.  The Engineering Supervisor of the hotel, John, had to energize the plug, but it works like a charm!

Thanks also to blog follower David for meeting up with us.  Great to meet you and share our adventure.  We hope you’ll share your stories when your Model S arrives!


8 thoughts on “Charge Stop 5: Salt Lake City Center Hilton

  1. How do you plan you next charging stop? Which internet application do you use? Do you call ahead and make a reservation? Do you pay with a credit card? Any information you can add would be helpful.

  2. When the T Roadster was released one of the upscale hotel chains (forget which) installed outlets in their San Francisco and Tahoe facilities so that people could make the Silicon Valley to Tahoe trip. That was the beginning of hotels getting a clue.

    • If you have any inclinations to try for 400 miles. You could schedule a tow truck driver to meet you at 350 miles and follow you to Grand Island NB. If he only has to follow you then you pay less. If you run out of juice you pay a bit more. Could cost you as much as $250 but you might be the first one to cross the 400 mile barrier. This would minimize the hassle of running out of charge.
      If planned well this might not be so stressful, but you’re having a vacation so its up to you.

  3. They may offer that. Call them. With a 5000ft regen gain you might do 400 miles even at 62 miles per hour. Good luck! Thank you for making this trip so interactive. I feel like I’m on the trip too. =)

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