More Pictures from Day 1

More random pictures from the road on day 1.  Some shots of the energy meter, some of the RV park and some of the Nevada Desert.


12 thoughts on “More Pictures from Day 1

  1. Really interesting reading about your adventure. Never occurred to me that RV parks would be potential charge spots, makes sense though.

    If you would be interested in doing an occasional write-up about your trip please drop an email to Zach at Important Media runs both Gas 2.0 and Cleantechia which have a lot of readers who would love to hear what it’s like to drive an EV across the US today.

    And keep enjoying your trip. Great things ahead of you….

  2. Wow peak of 840wh per mile going up the hill, averaging 550!
    and then -275 regen going back down the other side. Great info, thanks!

  3. What is your elevation gain to the top of the pass and then your loss to the slc flats? We would need that info tell you if you will make it. If its anything like your Auburn, CA to Fernley, NV trip you would be 35 miles short. If it is like any of your other legs then yes you would make it.

  4. Found it! I think you will make it with change. Your Winnamucca, NV to Elko, NV leg had a projected to rated ratio of 0.897 (263/293) with a regen gain of 500ft. If you had the same elevation balance and speed your would have a projected range of 244.15 miles and your elevation balance in this case is more than 500ft of regen. How this helps. =) I would recheck my math, but it look right to me.

  5. did you plan a leg from Jackson, WY to Guernsey, WY. It’s seems to me that could be the perfect leg to hit the 400 Miles on 1 charge.

  6. Hey Steve – don’t tell Jess, but she is right. 8 year warranty on the battery. But if you want to both be “right” – it is unlimited miles. Thanks for sharing a beer and a few stories from the road last night – GOOD LUCK!!!

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