Charge Stop 3: Winnemucca RV Park

We’ve moved on already, but wanted to highlight the accommodating folks at the Winnemucca RV park. We pulled in late last night, and with a call ahead reservation, they held a 50A (250V, 40A) spot for us. While we charged the car to max range, picking up 63KWh, we pitched our tent and caught some much needed sleep. They charged us $15 for the charge, which is very reasonable (THANKS!), and much less than 3/4 of a tank of gas.

This site was also used the guy who drove his Tesla Roadster around the world. And the owners are thinking of putting in a charging station. We certainly hope they do!


2 thoughts on “Charge Stop 3: Winnemucca RV Park

  1. Hi! So far the trip seems successful and your pics are very sharp.
    But why are your faces not present? I don’t get the reason for anonymity.
    The sunrise was magnificent, no clouding from forest fires. How far away are those?
    And “Winnemucca” means?
    Love, Mom

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