Cool Feature: Custom Road Signs for In-dash Nav

Just noticed this as I was driving this morning, that the road signs in the in-dash nav are customized to the actual road signs you’ll see on the roadway. This is super helpful in identifying which split of the highway you should take.


10 thoughts on “Cool Feature: Custom Road Signs for In-dash Nav

  1. Great pic of the instrument panel. The whole thing is just elegant. Is the 20kW a kW/h display for driving efficiency (guessing so)? Guessing (as well) the numbers below that on the right are regen kW/h? Like the cruise badge as well…and jammin to BPM

    • I was noticing that They Might Be Giants was playing on the radio. Very cool nav display though. I didnt notice this at the Get Amp’d day.

    • Careful with the mixing of your units there.
      kW = POWER unit, like how hard the car is pulling or pushing at that instant
      kWh = ENERGY unit, like a bucket of energy, e.g. how much energy might fit into a battery. Note NOT “kW/h” — it’s literally kilowatts multiplied by hours.

  2. This looks identical to the graphics used in the Navigon maps software… I wonder how much of the Tesla Model S navigation software is proprietary vs. taken from third parties.

      • Not sure about the display, but it’s definitely speed-limit aware. From the Tesla blog, 9/10: “We are currently working on updates that will include a speed warning that chimes when you’re having too much fun on the highway…”

  3. It’ll tell you the way to casino, so probably should play some slots while in NV! According to popular thoughts, you may be pushing your luck here? should at least cash in on it… Luke

  4. Great blog, thanks for sharing! We’re following it from Europe and hope to get the model S soon over here;-))
    Enjoy your journey.
    “Passion and Patience”

  5. Mildly disappointed – I was hoping ‘custom road signs’ was going to mean that they said things like ‘Home’, and ‘Gramma’s House’, like a cartoon 😀

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