Day 4 Recap: Quiet working days ahead

So not much to report today. Did a small private showing for some coworkers in San Francisco, mainly focused on tying up some loose ends before we depart on the 13th.

But actually got to drive the car for a short distance (5 blocks) today. Up to this point, Bill and Jesse have done the driving with me patiently riding shotgun, working the 17″ display. First impressions are how butter smooth the accelerator is. The best analogy I can think of, and I know this is weird, is to a really high quality sewing machine, one with a pedal. There is so much torque on tap, it is probably illegal in 48 out of 50 states.

Mirrors are excellent, and the steering wheel is just the right thickness. It’s a big car, but one that seems suited for effortless cruising, while maintaining a semblance of road feel. I’m really excited to take it on a longer journey.

Also to note, we finally got a full charge from the Plug Pod charger. I don’t know whether the valets at the hotel kept restarting the charge after the 3 hr timeout, or whether the charging station resolved its own problem, but we did get a full charge after being plugged in the whole day, even at 17A. We will also try to pick up another J1772 adapter before we leave to see if that is the issue (symptoms don’t point to that, but end result is the same as people who have had problems with the adapter, so we’ll test another one).

On a personal note, I’m blown away by the following of our blog, the comments, questions and suggestions that we’re receiving. You guys and gals are awesome!



8 thoughts on “Day 4 Recap: Quiet working days ahead

  1. When you get your schedule finalized, be sure to let us know when you’ll be in SLC. Would love the opportunity to show you some hospitality if the logistics work out.

    • Hi David,

      Funny you should ask. My plan was to stopover for an extended rest in SLC at the Hilton. Another EV owner had said that the hotel had installed a Nema 14-50 outlet in the valet parking area but after speaking with over a dozen staff members at the hotel & parking garage it seems that no one is aware of this feature so I have canceled our reservation. If you know of any other higher amp chargers we could use please pass their info along and if you are available to catch up with us Friday afternoon / evening (if all goes well) we’d love to meet you and show you the car.


      • Jesse –
        Here’s what I found online: I will put a call into my downtown coworkers to get an “eye’s on verification” that they really do exist. Friday may work out great, so keep me posted, and I’ll do the same.

  2. Hi Steve,

    If you all are open to it, it’d be great to make a stronger personal connection with everyone on the cross country trip. Until now, I didn’t know there was a separate writer from Bill and Jesse. Would you be up for a deeper introductions post?

    David in Chicago

  3. Great write up so far! This is actually making my wait for my Tesla that much harder! Thanks for taking the time to share your experience.

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