Velo Vino & Blink Network

Not finding much luck at our second stop today getting the full rated amps on a charger, we stopped at the Clif Family Winery, Velo Vino, in Napa. If you’re up this way, stop by and say hi. John was super helpful in getting us up and charging with their Blink network charger and we finally received the full 30A!

It’s amazing how many people are getting hosed with their charging station installations.


One thought on “Velo Vino & Blink Network

  1. Just FYI, dadaleus from TMC picked up his Model S yesterday and found a problem with the J1772 adapter not connecting properly and only drawing ~16amps. Here is the snip from their post –

    “(One note about this. The proximity sensor couldn’t pick up the first J1772 adapter they gave us. As a result, the car would only draw 16 amps from it. You can tell because the car’s charge port only glows a greenish yellow, not true green, and an error about the charge connector not being latched comes up on the display. Our delivery experience rep had to drive all the way to Salinas to bring us another one while we ate dinner. The replacement worked perfect. Lesson: As an early adopter, test everything before going too far if you’re going to be counting on it for the trip home. I’d suggest swinging by the closest J1772 station after taking delivery to make sure you are good before getting too far away. But alls well that ends well!)”

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