Day 1 Recap: Delivery

1pm: Finally, we got to delivery.  Matt and Tim took us into the delivery area and as we rounded the corner, we saw this:

Wow, what a beautiful machine.  Pictures do not do justice to the form or the color of the Model S!  You’ve got to see one in person to truly appreciate it.  The delivery guys had done a really nice job of prepping the car and making it look it’s best and they even left us a little gift in the frunk:

I think we’ll be needing these in the next couple days!

After wiping the drool off of our faces and the permi-smile began to fade, Matt spent the next 2-3 hours patiently walking us through the features of the car.  I will get into them all in more detail over the course of the drive, but I’ll try to hit some highlights here.

Let’s start with everyone’s favorite, the touch screen.  In a few words: it’s huge.  And it’s really clear.  Functionality of the entire car is controlled through here, and for me, someone of Gen Y, it’s fairly intuitive.  Time will tell whether it’s easily used by those older than me, or easily/safely used while driving. It’s obvious that a LOT of thought went into it’s design.  Most of the delivery time was spent walking through the different pages on the touch screen and all of the interwoven functionality.

Storage capacity in the car is fantastic.  Because it’s a hatch back, it reminds me of the cavernous capacity of an Acura Integra I once owned.  Open the rear, fold down the seats and put anything you like in there…

Interior materials are gorgeous.  We’ve chosen the black seats with the red signature piping and the lacewood trim and it looks good.

Panoramic sunroof is giant and easily controlled via a swipe on the main touch screen.

I’ll be posting on features in more detail later, but let me know if there’s anything specific you want to know about.


12 thoughts on “Day 1 Recap: Delivery

  1. Looking forward to following your progress. Also it will be nice to see real world data and performance info on range. Also impressions of Model S as you live with it. Be safe

  2. Absolutely amazing posts so far. Please keep them coming. Thank you for taking the time to document your experience and your road trip.

  3. Best of luck to you on your trip. I will be following you, and look forward to hearing all of the details about the challenges of driving an EV across the country. Your tales of your Tesla will help me to make it through the wait until mine arrives sometime early next year.

  4. 1) What do you do for a living?
    2) Is it possible to go cross-country? There are large stretches of road without a place to plug in. You could plug in 120v but wouldn’t that take forever to charge?
    3) Thanks for documenting the delivery and the trip and good luck!

    • I can help with #2. I’ve taken a 3,000-mile trip in an EV before (this was before there were charging stations anywhere outside of CA), and I’ve never plugged in to 120V.

      240V is not hard to find…campgrounds, repair shops, people’s garages, ranger/fire/police stations, appliance stores, fairgrounds, restaurants (near the kitchen), hotels (near the laundry area)…

  5. If you don’t live in California, were you able to get around the whole pesky CA sales tax issue when taking delivery at the factory?

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