Motor Trend Conducts the first extended range road test

Check out what Motor Trend had to say about the Model S as they took Elon’s personal car to the drag strip and then on an extended road trip!

While the Model S Performance stacks up with the M5 and E63 AMG (two personal favorites of ours) in speed and handling, I’m a bit more interested in their findings on the actual useful range. It seems that the 265 mile range, as tested by the EPA, had failed to take into account “…The impact of normal driving chaos, even in moderate traffic.”

Normal stopping, dodging the errant motorist, wind and anything other than steady state 55 mph driving reduced their range to 11% below the EPA estimated range.

Interesting to note that in an internal combustion engine car, it’s not hard to meet or exceed the EPA estimates of fuel economy. However, it looks to be a whole new ball game with EV rating testing.

We will definitely revisit the topic of actual range (probably often), and what affects it most as we drive.


3 thoughts on “Motor Trend Conducts the first extended range road test

  1. Hey guys, this sounds like a neat opportunity for a science experiment, and maybe even a physics connection! Would you be interested in some sort of collaboration if I got my students to propose variables that might affect fuel range?

  2. I normally get 76mi range (extrapolated) in my LEAF driving 80mph on the interstate half of my commute, and I have achieved over 100mi range driving on trips mostly on 40-45mph surface roads with few lights. So, I think the EPA range is a pretty good estimate for mixed driving.

    If I drove 100% on the interstate at 80mph, I believe I would get about 55mi range.

    I think with longer range EVs it is more problematic because you care about the range on all-interstate trips. Personally, I expect to get about 225mi range in my Tesla driving all interstate at 70-75mph, which is the range I need for my out of town trips.

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