Let’s get this thing started!

Hello readers,

Thanks for joining us.  Over the next couple months, we aim to populate this blog with our experiences about driving across the USA, in a 100% electric car.  While we know this has been done before, we’re pretty sure that no one has had the opportunity to do it in a Tesla Model S, and that other well documented trips have had a significant support crew.  We will have none.  Among other things, with this journey we aim to:

  • Thoroughly ring out Tesla’s Model S.  What kind of car is it?  Is it as good as the automotive press says it is?  Is it a viable alternative for someone in the market for a mid-sized luxury sedan?
  • Examine the existing infrastructure, especially away from the coasts, for electric car charging that exists today.  Not tomorrow, not in a year’s time, but today.  Where is charging available?  What sacrifices, if any, does one need to make to go on a long road trip via electric car?
  • Spread the word about EVs, generating publicity and awareness along the way.
  • See the US via car (never done that before).

Stay tuned as we gear up for the trip.  We’ll keep you posted!


Steve & Jesse